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This is a brand new masterpiece titled “Perfect Storm!” AKA “Good Old Marshmallow!” AKA “Dystopia!” AKA “Sucks To Be You!” 😊😁✊

It’s woodblock print made with oil based ink on a 220 gram Fabriano paper with dimensions of 65cm x 100cm.

Limited edition of 50 original prints.

All signed and numbered by the artist.

All handmade 🙌

This is a level up piece because it’s not only a balance between the graphics and and the concept, but it also has an interactive element involved.

I’m talking about the sound of the artwork, which might sound weird, but it’s not 😁.

Get one and find out for yourself!

Currently exhibiting at Expo Algarve conteporary art fair.

Perfect Storm



    Image 18-07-2023 at 11.15.jpg

    Cosa Nostra!

    Image 19-05-2023 at 14.43.jpg

    Self Help Arcade

    Image 30-07-2023 at 21.26.jpg

    The Awakening

    Elevado by Jo Seixas Silva Art Studio Lisbon 2022.jpg


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