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Jo Seixas Silva.

Mr. Greb


Jo Seixas Silva

Born in Porto in 1982, Jo Seixas Silva realised early on, that art would become part of her life. Coming from a humble family raised among twelve aunts and living within a Catholic religious cycle, so common in the north of the country, she quickly realised that one of her greatest struggles as a humanbeing would be the emancipation of women  - a focus present in all of her artwork.


She studied at the University of Coimbra and stayed there for 10 years. Opened up her own art gallery in the city, but her permanent need for learning made her, at the age of 30, go back to university, at the time of greatest reference by joining the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, where she realised the path she wanted to follow.

She follows a line of values, ​​where art and original artworks do not necessarily have to be consumed only by the common elite in the artistic world.


Her work spreads out across all continents.

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