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Artwork by Mr. Greb.

This is a woodblock print made with oil based ink on a 200 gram Fabriano paper with dimensions of 65cm x 100cm.

Limited edition of 50 original prints.

All signed and numbered by the artist.


This is addressing the ability to distinguish the right from wrong, the profoundness and the lack of it.

Make sure you keep in mind, that bullshitproof vest is not an clothing item, but a state of mind.


Please note that this artwork is printed by hand and the textures you are able to see on the photos may vary. For better understanging regarding the details and size of the artwork, please have a look at the video listed after the photos.

Currently exhibiting at Expo Algarve conteporary art fair.

The Big Shot



    Image 29-10-2023 at 09.52.jpg


    The Big Shot Studio View.jpg

    The Big Shot!

    Image 13-11-2023 at 23.22.jpg

    The Sixth Sense

    Elevado by Jo Seixas Silva Art Studio Lisbon 2022.jpg


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