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This is the third artwork by Jo Seixas Da Silva and it belongs to a new upcoming collection titled "As Raízes",

which means “the roots" in English.

The artist is exploring her roots from the early days and reflecting on the shadows of the past to find and create new path in the present.

Breaking patterns to find light.

Dimensions of the artwork: 140cm x 90cm x 4cm.


Acrylic and synthetic ink on cotton canvas sterched on a wide pine wood structure.

Varnished to protect the painting against UV and colour aging.

Certificate of authenticity available with the artwork.

Shipping worldwide with insurance and tracking code.

The painting is shipped out in a custom-made box,

which grants the protection against shock and liquids.

More information available on request.

(please fill in the contact form)


Raízes III



    Image 18-07-2023 at 11.15.jpg

    Cosa Nostra!

    Image 19-05-2023 at 14.43.jpg

    Self Help Arcade

    Image 30-07-2023 at 21.26.jpg

    The Awakening

    Elevado by Jo Seixas Silva Art Studio Lisbon 2022.jpg


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